There are many misunderstandings about the legal process as it relates to Divorce, Custody, Support, Alimony, and other areas of Family Law.  During your free consultation with our firm, we will help answer your questions, and clarify the process.


Divorce - Let's Make this Quick

Divorce is a serious legal matter.  Do not be misled by offers of quick internet divorces!  The law provides protection for you, both now and in the future, and sidestepping the process is never in anyone's best interest.  We work with many clients who are seeking an uncontested divorce, and help them finalize agreements that comply with the law.  

Custody - The Kids Always Live With Mom

This is a common misconception.  The law is not gender biased, and there is nothing in the law that requires that a child live with one parent or another.  Custody is determined on an individual basis, by analyzing the Best Interests of the children.  Any parent may be awarded primary physical custody of the children; in many cases, both parents share joint physical custody of the children.  We will help you proceed in the best interests of your children.


Property Division - You take yours, I'll take mine?

Property is divided during Equitable Distribution.  All property acquired during the marriage is marital, with only a few exceptions.  "Yours" and "Mine" usually don't exist.  Schedule a free consultation to protect your financial interests.





I Can't Afford to Pay Child Support

You can't afford NOT to pay child support!  All parents have an obligation to support their children, and child support orders are enforced, with serious consequences if you do not pay as ordered by the Court.  It is crucial that you hire an attorney to ensure that the Child Support Order is calculated within the guidelines in the law, so that you can be sure you can afford to support your family -- and to ensure you can comply with the Court Order.


Divorce is Expensive

Divorce doesn't have to be expensive. You can control the time, costs, and stress associated with your divorce by working with your spouse and with your attorney to try to settle your property distribution without the need for litigation.  If settlement efforts fail, you can trust that your attorney at the Law Offices of Jennifer J. Riley will be a strong advocate for you in the Courtroom.